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Corkscrew set Deluxe

Start popping corks in record times with this bottle opener

Compost bins Living nostalgia

Stylish and practical compost bin for your kitchen

Cast iron grill pan

Taste of grill whenever you want


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American Muffin Non-Stick Pan 9 cm - MasterClass

Regular Price: 23,50 €

Special price: 19,90 €

Coffee and Sugar Canister - MasterClass

Regular Price: 46,50 €

Special price: 39,90 €

Odour Eliminating Rub-Away Bar - Amco

Regular Price: 11,90 €

Special price: 9,50 €

Set of 4 Glass Port Sippers - BarCraft

Regular Price: 27,30 €

Special price: 22,50 €

Silicone Tap Swirl

Regular Price: 5,30 €

Special price: 3,90 €

Storage Jar - La Cafetiere Edited

Regular Price: 19,90 €

Special price: 15,50 €

Brandy and Cognac Warmer Gift Set - Bar Craft

Regular Price: 25,30 €

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